Happy thanksgiving everyone this is going t be the best thanksgiveing ever christmas on the way and thanksgiving all kinda together theres 12 people coming to are house help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


school is pretty good i gets wish there was not a lot of drama there drama every where i turn is Avery are you my friend and I'm like YES!!!!!! and i'm dong much better in social studies i had a D on my report card but got my test back for this 9 weeks and got an A I'm like YES!!! i did it but i just have a C now but now am going to do it much better thie 9 weeks so i can get all A's well I'm going to have the best year ever in forth grade p.s I'm really scared for next year
hey school is coming up. did you see the pic of my dad all some right. :)
my meme is here this week and we are going to have so much fun and going to the pool and my aunt katie is here to and it is here b-day :) fun fun fun im geting a fight in on Wednesday